RnD Productions
Film/TV Production

RnD Productions was formed by Dee Tails and Rob Lockhart with the express aim of writing & producing high-end, challenging & entertaining film and television productions. RnD's current active project is 2Valuable. The creative aspects are in place and the focus is now on building the finance & investment package.

Dee Tails

London born actor Dee Tails shot to fame as a youngster being a member of Britain’s biggest all male R&B boy band of the 90’s – MN8, selling over 2 million records worldwide. MN8 enjoyed huge success, featuring on the Bad Boys movie soundtrack and supporting Janet Jackson throughout Europe. Since then, he has performed in a number of high profile operas at the Royal Opera House (London) and many short films and pilots. Always keen to develop his talents he conceived and developed the concept of 2Valuable which came to fruition through his collaboration with Rob Lockhart.

Robert Lockhart

Rob Lockhart is variously an actor, writer, producer, musician and IT geek. His technical career has paralleled the development of the web: working on fusion research in the partner site to CERN where Tim Berners Lee was busy inventing the web; working for SUN while they developed JAVA and is now involved in social media development. This grounding in advanced physics has led to an on-going fascination with the subject which has contributed a fantastic realism to the 2Valuable project. Artistically, he continues to work in film with an increasing focus on writing and producing.

2 Valuable
An RnD Production

2Valuable is a weird-science/action TV series being produced by Robert Lockhart and Dee Tails who together form RnD Productions.
The visual concept, pilot script & series outline are in place and Rob & Dee are delighted to report that there is a great buzz surrounding the project.

The focus now is making it real and RnD are pulling together the financing & investment required for that to happen.